The Korean Meteorological Society 1

Current Issue

Atmosphere - Vol. 28 , No. 4

4. Projection of Circum-Arctic Features Under Climate Change
Ji Yeon Lee, Mee-Hyun Cho, Youngdae Koh, Baek-Min Kim, Jee-Hoon Jeong

5. Predictability of Northern Hemisphere Blocking in the KMA GDAPS during 2016~2017
Joon-Woo Roh, Hyeong-Oh Cho, Seok-Woo Son, Hee-Jeong Baek, Kyung-On Boo, Jung-Kyung Lee

9. Spring Forest-Fire Variability over Korea Associated with Large-Scale Climate Factors
Ji-Yoon Jeong, Sung-Ho Woo, Rack-Hun Son, Jin-Ho Yoon, Jee-Hoon Jeong, Suk-Jun Lee, Byung-Doo Lee

10. Comparison of Ground-Based Particulate Matter Observations in the Seodaemun-gu District, Seoul
Ja-Ho Koo, Seoyoung Lee, Minseok Kim, Joonghee Park, Soo Ahn Jeon, Hyunsuk Noh, Jhoon Kim, Yun Gon Lee

11. Predictability of Temperature over South Korea in PNU CGCM and WRF Hindcast
Joong-Bae Ahn, Kyo-Moon Shim, Myung-Pyo Jung, Ha-Gyu Jeong, Young-Hyun Kim, Eung-Sup Kim